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Digital Marketing Strategy Best Practices

“Without a digital marketing strategy, an organization will not be able to consistently and cohesively connect with constituents online, compromising sales and revenue projections. Digital marketing should integrate seamlessly across digital and analog channels for maximum impact,” added Kent Lewis, president at Portland, Ore.-based Anvil Media.

Here are six tips that will help you tighten up your strategy and get your marketing analytics moving in the right direction.

1. Do Your Competitor Research
“In order to stand out from your competitors, you need to study their digital marketing strategies and look for opportunities,” said Cristian Ungureanu, senior growth marketer at Zurich-based, QuickMail. Think, what areas are they focusing on? What are they neglecting? It could be that they are investing heavily in SEO, or paid ads, but are very weak at webinars and podcasts.

2. Be Authentic
Organizations should strive to be true to their values and mission. “Create messaging and marketing strategies that are authentic and based on core values, mission and vision instead of doing something because it’s the latest trend,” said Lewis.

3. Analyze Your Content
Performing a content gap analysis can reveal what types of content have performed well for the competition, as well as what has not performed well and may not be worth your time. Kristien Matelski, PR manager at Irving, Texas-based Vizion Interactive adds that, “maybe there’s a topic that performed really well for a competitor and you have a fresh, updated take on the topic with newer data that could surpass your competitor’s piece. Numbers don’t lie, so do your research, see what people are asking google using tools like AnswerthePublic and BuzzSumo for content gap analysis.”

4. Leverage Different Channels
There are more digital channels than you would think. While most marketers think of social media and SEO as the only ways to connect with their audiences, there are other exciting emerging technologies and channels such as NFT drops, augmented reality, and virtual reality that marketers need to know and use.

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